Happy Late New Year!
It's 2008 and I should of gotten around to fixing the dead links awhile ago, but its finally done. I also added some of my most notable sigs on the graphic art page. Now that that's out of the way, I can work on some of my literature or begin posting some new art, which is actually older pieces I never got around to posting. I may also take some things down I believe got horribly ugly over time.

I'm Back, baby!: July 31, 2007
What's new? Well the whole site of coarse! We're now v.3! I thought the site called for a massive overhaul. I never much liked the old one. I know, I know. I'm not very active, but I often get massive artist's block. What!? That's not an excuse... Well... I was eatting pie...

Some Old & New Old Stuff: September 23, 2006
Adding some art to the artwork section. Put in some old stuff and new stuff. Just filling up space! Enjoy! Post in the guestbook if you have time also.

The Real Grand OPENING!: June 20, 2006
I know! "Like OMG!" I'm really opening. Yea, I began the renovation offline and stopped since I didn't have the internet at the moment. I'm finally got it done though. Hope you guys like the new stuff and new visitors like everything. As always thanks for visiting. Oh yea, SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

Grand Opening: February 1, 2006
New layout. Sorry, I haven't added anything in a long time. I lost my Internet for a long time (long story). I added a few graphic arts, coloured art, and links to the mix. They're some more obvious add-ins like a guestbook and a few other spiffy things. Over and out.

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